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Sierra Chart

Platform Subscription Information
Sierra Chart Connection Instructions
Commissions and Fees
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About Sierra Chart

Platform Subscription Information
Sierra Chart is not included in your TopstepTrader package, however, the platform is providing an exclusive offer for users in our program: a 30-day free trial plus 15% off 
for 3 monthsIf for any reason your trial doesn't run the full 30 days, please contact Sierra Chart here and let them know you're with TopstepTrader.

Step 1. Download the platform.
Step 2. 
Create an account

Step 3. Request a discount by starting a support ticket.

For more information on the multi-month discount, please click here


Sierra Chart Connection Instructions

Since you will be using the CTS data feed, you will be required to complete the CME Market Data Requirements for CTS.

Please complete this step before you move on to the connection to Sierra Chart!

Step 1.

Sign into CTS in order to fill out the one time requirement from the CME, then you will not be asked to do this again. Please click here
 in order to complete this step. 

Please change the Firm name from "CTS" to "PTP". You will use your username and password (case sensitive) that you received in the Account Information email. When filling out the form, please select "Non Professional" for "Type of User".

Step 2.

Launch Sierra Chart platform. To connect please click on File >> Data/Trade Service Settings >> Select CTS T4 FIX [trading] from the "Server" drop down list.

Step 3.

In the Connection Details window please fill in the following:  

IMPORTANT! Always use Simulation Server.

Server: Use Simulation Server 
Username: Found in Account Information email
Found in Account Information email
Firm: PTP

Here is an image of what the window should look like:

Click OK to close the Data/Trade Service Settings window.

Step 4.

In order to connect properly please ensure that Trade Simulation Mode is disabled (unchecked).

Click on Trade >> Trade Simulation Mode >> if this is checked, please click to uncheck

Here is what it should look like:

Step 5.

Click on File >> Connect to Data Feed. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us at 


Commissions and Fees
Commissions and fees are not factored into the P&L for Sierra Chart users by default.To change this setting, follow the instructions below:

Step 1.

To open the Global Symbol Settings window select Global Settings >> Symbol Settings
Select the Symbol for the product(s) that you are trading.

Step 2.

Click on Additional >> Round Turn Commission
The Round Turn Commission field specifies the commission value as a currency value for a complete trade which includes both buy and sell order fills. This commission is multiplied by the Quantity of the order fills. So if the Quantity of the order fills is 5, then the commission is multiplied by 5. The Round Turn Commission applies to either the Symbol or Symbol pattern. Set your round turn commission value to be 3.68. 

This commission value is used in the Trade >> Trade Activity Log Profit/Loss calculations when Apply Commission is enabled on the Trade Activity Log window. The commission is not used in the Profit/Loss calculations within the chart or Trade Window in the chart. 

Here is an example with NKD:


Sierra Chart Support
Sierra Chart offers an extensive FAQ page and support board which you can access by clicking the links below.

FAQ Page
Support Board


About Sierra Chart
Sierra Chart is a complete Real-Time and Historical, charting and technical analysis platform for financial markets supporting manual, automated and simulated trading. Sierra Chart provides complete trading support, both basic and advanced, including easy to use automated trading.
Create your own custom studies, indicators and trading systems using the Sierra Chart Advanced Custom Study Interface. Sierra offers an Advanced ChartDom which is fully functional Trading DOM on the Charts that functions just like a traditional trading DOM with optional market depth display.

Create Customizable Charts
Supports Manual, Automated and Simulated Trading.
Complete Real-time and Historical, Charting and Technical Analysis platform.
Create your own custom studies, indicators and trading systems.
Create Intraday charts with any bar period less than 1 day, or greater than or equal to 1 day.

Advanced TPO Profile charts (also known as Market Profile)
TPO stands for Time-Price Opportunity.
Analyze the amount of trading activity, based on time, for each price level the market traded at for any given time period.

Advanced and highly configurable Trading DOM
Advanced and highly configurable Trading DOM which gives you complete trading functionality.
It supports entry of Limit, Stop, Stop-Limit, and Market if Touched orders.

Complete Trade Activity logging
Complete Trade Activity logging.
Ability to generate Trade Statistics with various performance related fields, and a Trades list for any period of time and based on other filters.
300+ fully customization technical studies and indicators.

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